come back please
  • come back please

    Quincy Wade drummer

    Las vegas Nevada united states of America

    Please you have to come back and make me and my family and let me feel the holy ghost again. All your I love and grew up on every since my dad turned me on to your music in the min 70's I was about 3 years old and still listen to til this day. Were huge fans and I was glad I got to see you in concert outside of Las Vegas red rock canyon in summer 1998. You just have to come back here. One of my biggest dreams was to play for you one day, it'll probably never happen but would love to attend your show again. As a drummer myself I use to play along with your music and so many others did that I know. [email deleted] if could ever contact me would be the greatest ever. We love you HOP.

    Aug 7, 2013 5:57am