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  • new album?

    bill sabia

    PORT CHESTER New York United States

    Are there any plans for a new cd?
    Jul 20, 2012 11:14am
  • touring in the U.S.

    Jean Luc

    Thanks to all for your messages and interest in live performances. Despite our in intensive attempts at touring in the U.S. with the Atlantic Years Band it will not possible this year - we are now shooting for Spring 2013. I am not choosing one country above another for performances, we are always thrilled to play for fans wherever they are in the world and I just hope that it will work in the U.S. around May-June 2013 as I sure miss American audiences. 

    Jul 19, 2012 5:05pm
  • NY shows

    John Guelfi

    Brooklkyn NY USA

    When will you be playing in NY with Jamie Glaser?
    Jul 16, 2012 1:04am
  • approval

    carl alexander bally

    funchal madeira portugal

    Dear Jean Luc, Thank you and your band for the wonderful performance at Funchal Jazz. It was specialy valuable for me to meet you personaly after so many years. while listning your music I heard some things which I never thoght it would be possible to play! The sound was clear, and so warm and lovely in the lover register of your violin! In no means at any time of the concert I was disapppointed like you modestly mensioned to me in the afternoon at Santa Caterina parc. Best to you and your fabulous band, yours, Alex Bally
    Jul 10, 2012 2:36pm
  • Equipment


    I am a semi-professional violinist, on the way to get my music degree but I gotta know... What effects was Ponty using... From the Zappa days til today... I need to know what effects pedals he used
    Jul 5, 2012 4:40am
  • french fan!


    Avranches france

    when will the French be able to listen to one who has largely contributed to our worldwide musical fame? BEST WISHES Harry's sister
    Jun 28, 2012 12:20pm
  • Taste for Passion


    Mexico City DF Mexico

    Hi All, I have been a JLP fan since a was a teen back in the 70's. It has been a very nice journey. I still remember when I was chasing for all JLP recordings, it was like a treasure hunting for me specially in my country were Jazz, and other music genres, were not so common. Today, everything is different, the world has changed a lot and we are very tech-savvy. Most of us already have a smartphone and we can do many things with those little gadgets. In my case, I have been able to "compose" music. I'm not a musician and I never allowed myself to study music even though I like music a lot (all genres). Anyway, lately I allowed myself to fool around with my smartphone (and other electronic gadgets) and it tuned-out to be one of the most entertaining, fun, and addictive activities in the last months, Amazing! I want to share with you all the following "music-on-the-fly" (intento) named "Surreal Electronic Violin". Imagine a beautiful and enigmatic girl walking and playing the violin at the same time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbXRDpC_G94 Hope you like it. Saludos from Mexico City. Eduardo.
    Jun 26, 2012 8:22pm
  • when will you tour in U.S. again?

    Jean S.

    Houston TX USA

    Dear Jean, I have been a fan since the 70's, but have not had the pleasure of hearing you in person. Do you plan to tour in the U.S., more specifically in Houston in the near future?
    Jun 17, 2012 8:17pm
  • Just to Remember


    Rio de Janeiro RJ Brasil

    Dear Jean Luc, It's time to you consider to come back to Brasil(Rio, for sure) for a new show. I would like to say, you miss a great opportunity to come with RTF for today! Ok, I'm kidding!! But there is no doubt, I'm absolutely convinced that people from Rio de Janeiro will be very pleased to listen you again. So, please, find some time on your buzz agenda to come here and play for us. Will be a great pleasure Kind regards, Eduardo
    Jun 11, 2012 7:46pm
  • A great JLP day


    Actually, every day is a great JLP day, of course. But today mine started while I was driving around on errands. I had the CD "No Absolute Time" playing, and was delightfully mesmerized by "Savannah". The rhythmns absolutely established a groove, the violin work was jazzy, the piano was terrific, and the chordal activity towards the end was wonderful. Then I stopped in a music shop and got to test-drive a Korg PS60 synthesizer. It's probably not top-of-the-line for a real musician, but I had a great time with it, playing riffs and chords from "Cosmic Messenger" and "Don't Let The World Pass You By". I think this keyboard-or one like it-is in my future ;-) That's why I'm hoping and praying for an Atlantic Years tour in the US this year.
    Jun 9, 2012 5:38pm