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  • Concert of last week in Stuttgart

    Friedrich-W. Meyer

    Korb (close to Stuttgart) Germany

    Stuttgart: what a great show together with your daughter Clara. The entire band was fantastic, the sound was awesome! I would love to see/hear this kind of concert on DVD or CD. A new release would be higly appreciated! All the best, Friedrich
    Apr 25, 2014 7:28pm
  • Science/Environmental Themes?

    Evan Hammond

    Charleston WV US

    Jean-Luc, as I've said before I'm a new fan getting to know your albums. As an environmental biology student, there are many song titles that grab my attention - "The Struggle of the Turtle to the Sea", "Wandering on the Milky Way", "Life Cycles", "Once a Blue Planet" and "Forms of Life" among others. Can you shed some light on your interest in science and how these themes came into your work?
    Apr 22, 2014 12:00am
  • Thanks for all the years of enjoyment

    Mike Mathew

    Puyallup, Loreto, Seattle WA / Mexico! USA / Mexico

    love that you're part of our life and all you've enhanced the sounds of the world. Since the 70's a true follower I've been. Partying away and thought I'd say hi. Take care Jean. All the best always, Miguel
    Apr 18, 2014 6:39am
  • Coming to America?


    Hi Jean Luc, Any plans to play in the US in 2014? I have been listing to your music - well since the 70s and just admire your skill to bring an instrument alive. I wish you all the best! Thanks for Music!
    Apr 11, 2014 8:24pm
  • Ireland

    Luke Cranitch


    Dear Jean Luc. I was wondering if you are taking any trips to Ireland this year especially with Rayford Griffin who is my drum hero? Luke
    Apr 7, 2014 11:46pm
  • New Fan!

    Evan Hammond

    Charleston WV US

    Hello! As a new fan, it has been a great joy to get to know your music album by album. I'm very much enamored with "Civilized Evil" at the moment. I've recently taken up the violin after 15 years of my youth seriously invested in guitar and your playing is just an inspiration in the most joyful sense. I'm aware of the limitations of my age and muscle memory with regard to my playing potential, but the allure of the instrument is too powerful to sway me. I just wanted to say thanks for your work, as it pushes me to learn a new way to express myself and hopefully develop my own voice.
    Apr 4, 2014 3:53am
  • Lead Sheet for "Change of Life"?


    Lincoln Nebraska USA

    Hi, I'm a violinist that has been exploring non-classical music for the last 7 years. I have your book of 22 compositions, your body of work is so massive, but I'm a big fan of "Rite of Strings" that you did with Stanley Clark and Al DiMeola. I could perform Renaissance, but I need more players. Is there a lead sheet that I can buy for Change of Life, that would be great with guitar or piano.
    Apr 3, 2014 7:57pm
  • Jon Anderson collaboration

    Terry Loconsolo

    Boulder CO USA

    Hi Jean Luc, I have always been a fan. You are one of a kind. I have LOVED your collaboration with your daughter, Clara. Stellar heart felt beauty. As a Jon Anderson fan I was heart broken that the guys wouldn't let Jon back in the band "yes". Jon never needed to take a leap backwards, he simply needs a real band. There is something special about two cosmic messengers coming together in these times. It's not only intriguing, it is like a spark of light, a super additive effect is on the horizon. I am moved and grateful and so look forward to hearing you all. COME TO COLORADO!!!! Love to you and all whom you love. Terry
    Mar 30, 2014 9:57pm
  • Jon Anderson project...and Brazil


    Great news on the Jon Anderson project, and your note was fascinating. This is going to be so cool. Various internet sources have identified the musicians involved, so no need for me to rehash that here. Imagine if Bill Bruford came out of retirement to participate...very cool to imagine. Now, for the Brazil concerts (with Rayford, Baron, and William)...anything fans can do to help leverage that for some US appearances? I would love to see Rayford with the JLP band...of course, any JLP band is welcome, to say the least.
    Mar 27, 2014 12:12pm
  • Project with Jon Anderson


    Yes it is true that Jon Anderson and I are planning to put a band together, perhaps recording this year and touring next year 2015. We met a long time ago and I knew we had musical affinities, yet when we tried recently I could not believe how great his singing works with my music, just incredible. The idea is to mix my music with his songs from the Yes period and new ones, and a mixed band of his musicians and mine. We will keep you informed of the development of this great project. 

    Mar 27, 2014 12:47am